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centrifugal governor, electric engine, glass case, 170 x 65 x 65 cm
software: Peter Chiochetti
mechatronics: Stefan Göschl

Centrifugal governors were used on steam engines during the Steam Age in the 19th century to regulate the flow of working fluid (steam). Instead of steam the sculpture GOVERNOR is driven by Internet traffic processed by the installation DAIMON. The higher the traffic, the higher the rotation speed; otherwise it runs slowly or stands still.
In the cognitive sciences, information theory and cybernetics the centrifugal governor is often used as an example of a dynamic system. Furthermore Alfred Russel Wallace mentioned governors as a metaphor for the evolutionary principle which influenced Darwin to publish On the Origin of Species.
In the context of the installation DAIMON the sculpture GOVERNOR refers to the very first daemon of cybernetics and industrial revolution. As evolution in nature started with amino acids and microbes, the evolution of machines began with the governor.