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computer/video installation, desk, cables, photos, dimensions variable
software: Peter Chiochetti
mechatronics: Stefan Göschl
exhibition view: Daemons in the Machine, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow 2018
supported by Laboratoria Art & Science

The title TEA FOR KIRILLOV refers to the character of the novel “Demons” by F.M. Dostoevsky, engineer Kirillov. He is possessed with the issues of freedom of will, desire and predestination. In this art project Kirillov gets virtual life and continues his search for freedom, identity and himself. Kirillov becomes an animistic ghost living in all things, becomes a part of the Internet of Things. In epoch of digital totality and AI arguments of Dostoevsky about the changes in society and people again become actual.
The security camera screen on the desk allows the visitor to watch himself together with the virtual ghost of Kirillov opening and closing the drawers.