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Unmarked Space Oddity, 2007
bioreactor, photo bacteria (Vibrio fischeri), video/computer installation,
air-conditioning system, 270 x 400 x 300 cm
biotechnological realisation: Thomas Seppi, Department of Radiotherapy and
Radiooncology, Medical University of Innsbruck
exhibition view TRICKSTER: Politker, Dämonen, Politiker,
Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum, Innsbruck 2007

On entering the dark, air-conditioned room, the visitor is captured on film by an infrared camera. A monitoring screen helps them find their way around and, besides the glowing deep-sea bacteria, shows the image of their own figure. The virtual image of a museum guard steps from the dark, mixing with the real image and provoking an encounter of the third kind, as it were.