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POEM., 2010 (detail)
glass, stainless steel, technical equipment, 200 x 120 x 120 cm
technological realisation: Thomas Seppi, Department of Radiotherapy and
Radiooncology, Medical University of Innsbruck

The breathing air of exhibition visitors condenses against the surfaces of the ice objects of WHERE DEATHLESS HORSES WEEP and VERBALE CONDENSER PHONE. The water thus won feeds the chemical processes within the sculpture entitled SOME VELVET MORNING which, in its front part LE PÈRE RÉPETITIVE, quotes the Miller-Urey experiment, and in its hind part LE GRAND VERRE simulates a black smoker. In both parts, in oxygen-free atmospheres, and with the help of gases, heat, electricity and catalysts, organic molecules are produced such as amino acids and ethanol. The drinks cabinet GENIUS IN THE BOTTLE holds the distillates processed from the breathing air. Together, the objects form the installation POEM. and follow the repetitive formula: the more people talk about art, the more art emerges in the shape of ice, water and alcohol, and the more people drink, the more talkative they become.