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In the sculpture HYDRA, a hybrid of whale, submarine and photobioreactor, green algae (Chlorella vulgaris) grow in an extensive tube system via photosynthesis, which are continuously filtered as if by the baleen of a whale. Constantly pumped to the sculpture FATTY FANTASY, the algae form fatty acids in their cells due to a special diet or the lack of nitrogen in the water, while the sculpture MOBY DICK, a converted oil pump, provides the water cycle.

In the bioreactor sculptures MS and MR MOL bacteria (including Cupriavidus necator) convert the fatty acids of the algae into the plastic PHB (polyhydroxybutyrate) whereas in the REFINERY the biomass of the bacteria is separated from the process water of the reactors, purified and dried.

The result is a fine powder, processed into sculptures by ANACLE, a 3D printer.

Microbiological research and biotechnological development:
Department of Microbiology of the University of Innsbruck, Unit of Environmental Engineering, Biotreat GmbH
Christian Ebner, Livia Hökl, Judith Ascher-Jenull, Rudolf Markt, Thomas Pümpel, Christian Scherfler, 
Christoph Schinagl, Thomas Seppi, Pamela Vrabl

Materials engineering: Valentine Troi 

Software: Peter Chiochetti

Mechatronics and 3D printing: Jonathan Hanny, Jan Contala (cera.LAB)
Construction and mechanical engineering: Stefan Göschl, Tobias Hartung von Hartungen
Project coordination: Eva M. Kobler