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METABOLICA opens up the factory of life and in five chapters tells a story of change from the industrial revolution to the present and future, from whaling and petromodernity to current and future scenarios of biochemistry. Living organisms such as algae and bacteria become collaborators that lead to a new aesthetic and artistic practice through scientifically developed processes. Bacteria act as artistic actors by metabolizing fatty acids enriched in algae into the material PHB (polyhydroxybutyrate). While the sculptor's material once came from a quarry such as Carrara and the chisel served as a tool, in METABOLICA it is living organisms. The bacteria act simultaneously as "quarry" and "chisel" by producing a new plastic for sculptures and to digest them again and to change their shape.

METABOLICA was conceived in 2017 and has been supported by a team of scientists and engineers since 2020. The aim of the research is to use carbon sources from wastewater streams in industrial and sewage treatment plants to produce PHB.